Preparing for Release 0.2 in Mozilla Thimble

My first release for Mozilla’s Thimble taught me some invaluable aspects about Open Source contribution. Having experienced the whole pipe line of meaningful contribution to a large project, surfaced multiple crucial points of how to approach code examination.

My intention for the second release is to deeper my understanding of the back-end part of the system by working on introduction of a new feature. My issue talks about restricting user project size.

During the discussion on how this feature is supposed to be realized in the final product, it has become clear that I’ll have to implement a whole new module to Bramble. Have to admit, at first, I felt that I was over my head. However, examination of other Bramble modules has relieved the initial panic. It seems like, this module will need to trigger some kind of event on Bramble based on the current project state. Moreover, I have presumably located a bottle neck function that adds files to a project. My guess is I will invoke my module in that function to preform the check.

This is more or less everything I know right now of which I am at least partially confident. Hopefully, I’ll be able to proceed further.=)

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