My first experience with Open Source

I think Open Source idea of software development is just brilliant. Having the whole community of like-minded people working towards achieving the same goal is just awe-inspiring.

Recently, I got to experience how it is to be part of the Open Source community. And although the contribution I made is really small, I still felt highly satisfied. My project of choice is Babylon, an Open Source Javascript parser that is part of a bigger project called Babel.

My contribution consisted of a simple addition of “keywords” attribute to the package.json file. The whole pull request submission process was really easy and didn’t take me more than a minute. There were no addition document like CLA. Having my pull request sent to the Babylon development team, I got a response within 5 minutes, and it was a good one, too. My pull request got accepted.

Overall, I’ve got some great experience going into the Open Source, and I am looking forward to getting involved even more.

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